Thursday, September 20, 2012

Blog 4 Isarei Technology fuels new fish

In Israel now the fish tilapia is becoming a staple food because of the new farming technology that Israel is developing. Tilapias are fish that have a blue structure and is what a lot of people are eating these days.  The farmers are now using Israel technology and because of it they can raise more fish than previously. This new technology has designed ways to keep the rivers and lakes clean. They do this by the tilapia eat weeds and algae and other underwater plants. Since the farmers provide them with this supply it is helping keep the rivers and lakes clean.  Recently Israel opened a new facility where they can control the temperature and weather climate of any condition since they can do these farmers can raise lots of taipla since it is in a controlled environment. It is estimated that this facility can produce about 1,200 tons of tilapia. With the new development Israel Foreign ministry has designed new project with both Kenya and Germany where they can use this technology and help clean up Lake Victoria. One of the ministers is quoting by saying “Israel brings Africa progress, as well as agricultural and economic humanitarian aid”.
                I thought this was a great article being I am big fan of taiplia and I do eat lots of it. What Israel is doing is great because they are developing new technology where they can raise a lot of tilapia at one time. This will be good because it will help us keep our rivers cleaner since the fish will be contained in one area. This new Israel technology might bring more fish business to Israel and other around the world and could make a huge impact on the first market around the world. 

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