Friday, September 21, 2012

Blog 4: Human Organ Trafficking Worldwide, Rebecca Hand

        In the past week, a witness has come forward to the Prosecutor’s Office of Serbia claiming to have been a member of a gang in the 1990s who illegally sold human organs. In the 1990s, Kosovo Albanians did not want to be under the laws of Serbia, and therefore tried to form their own government. The resistance triggered the formation of the KLA, Kosovo Liberation Army, and a terrorist war resulted and many Serbian civilians were killed. The KLA was linked to al-Quaeda and the funding for the army came from crimes such as drug trafficking and selling human organs worldwide. Both captured foreigners and Serbs were used in order to harvest the organs. The new witness described at one point in the conflict capturing 300 Serbs and taking them to Albania. He was trained for two weeks in how to remove a human organ, and he went on to describe how he removed a man’s heart with no anesthesia and the victim begging for mercy as blood flew everywhere. Organs such as these were then sold for $80,000-$100,000 around the globe. The KLA would also promise to pay people 15,000 euros for kidney donations, but no money was ever given and many died shortly after due to the unsanitary conditions of the operation. 
This article done by the English Pravda is very informative and clear in the details given. The article also included previous reports done on this story by the Washington Times and Britain's The Guardian. It was made very clear that the victims went through unbelievable horrors and that these crimes are still taking place today. Organs are harvested from the vulnerable and shipped worldwide for hundreds of thousands of dollars. The article also described exactly what is holding the investigation up and has been for several years, and that is the silence of the national community and the search for evidence. The article did not, however, describe what steps were being taken currently to find new evidence or witnesses. It could be that that information cannot be released to the public or possibly is not being pursued vigorously at this time. The emergence of this new witness in the past week should give new life to the case and help bring the perpetrators of these inconceivable crimes to justice. 

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