Friday, September 21, 2012

Blog 4: Sister Aziza to the Rescue

Kourtney Reynolds
Blog 4

According to the dictionary, a human right is a right that is believed to belong justifiably to every person. In many studies this right includes safety. In the parts of Africa discussed in this article, safety is rarity and a luxury. This article focuses on what is considered to an “oasis” for African Asylum seekers and its dedicated leader, Sister Aziza. Sister Aziza saves as a safe haven for Africans that are escaping from danger within their own countries through the Sinai Desert to flee to Israel. Sister Aziza is a nun whom practices as a nurse for the African refuges. She has conducted over 1300 interviews and seen thousands of people and out them n path to recovery. These interviews expose the rapes, kidnapping, torture, forced, labor and slavery these refugees have experienced and survived. She does not do this alone, but does serve as maternal figure for everyone helping heal him or her emotionally not physically. She has shined an enormous light on the trafficking issues in the Sinai. Her stories stretch from women raped to men beat to near death. Sinai desert is a prominent for people trafficking from sub-Saharan Africa. In the process of trafficking their families may be blackmailed, as they are tortured. Bedouin gangs hold them captive and continue to torture them many times until family members pay a ransom for that loved one. This is often much worse for women. From a Sociological perspective, I see the masculinity as vulnerability. Currently in these deserts, men are unable to protect their families and fall vulnerable to the traffickers. Also, although not exactly what may be thought of when is comes to word matrifocal, I see this oasis as matrifocal with Sister Aziza being the mother figure. Yet as the book states, the constant rapes, sex trafficking, and harsher punishments with the desert support the continued perils of being a female.

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