Friday, September 21, 2012

Blog 4: India in the Lead of Childrens' Deaths

This article talked about the deaths of children declining over a two-decade period. India accounts for a considerable amount for the children under the age five. The estimation according to this article, across the world was 6.9 million last year; in 1990, the estimation was 12 million. This decline is accredited to effective interventions to fight diseases like measles, malaria, and polio. This article stated that 1.7 million under the age of five, in India alone accounts for nearly a quarter of those deaths worldwide (UNICEF). The decline of deaths over the years in India has been slow compared to the other countries according to this article. Mr. Mohan, in this article, stated, “India has had the highest number of under five deaths for years partly because of the sheer number of births in the country.” Mr. Mohan, goes on to say, “the deaths are caused by infections, low birth weights, diarrhea, and pneumonia. The decline in deaths of children under five is due to community based intervention, newborn care and treatment of diarrhea and pneumonia” ( ).

This article mentioned that in 2011, eighty-two percent of under-five deaths occurred in these two regions, sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia ( ).

The above article did not mention about how a large amount of India’s children is living in poverty and many of them are dying from starvation ( The above article mentioned about how interventions are put in place to slow down the children deaths in India. The above article never mentioned about putting an intervention in place to stop their children from starving. I went a little further in my research on India nuclear is being produced ( ). We all know producing nuclear cost. India’s priorities are obvious and heartbreaking.

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