Friday, April 19, 2013

Blog 10: HIV/AIDS threats to Africa Millitary

Guy Martin describes in his article how Africa military and citizens are infected by HIV/AIDS every day. The alarming number has not only caused a lot of stress on militants but killed a lot of innocent man. The number of HIV cases has increase as described by Martin,” young, aggressive males between 16 and 24. Boredom, alcohol and drugs exacerbate the spread of HIV/AIDS while the chance of infection through wounds or contaminated blood his higher during conflict. This is due to the fact that many men are unaware of the servitude of HIV/AIDS. Many men have to care for the sick which in turn makes solider unfit to be in the military. United States has also help out Africa in terms of budgeting money by profiting over 100 million to help with HIV/AIDS cases. The cases of AIDS are at its highest in military forces,”  Uganda’s defence force lost more soldiers to AIDS than to fighting in two decades of war with the Lord’s Resistance Army, and in Zambia, AIDS-related illnesses have killed more military personnel since 1983 than died in all its military operations combined, including its independence struggle.” This shows that HIV/AIDS are really infecting the military in numbers in which causes the military to be at its lowest when coming to battle field.
Overall this article brings highlights on how HIV/AIDS is an epidemic in Africa. HIV/AIDS is at its highest when it comes to the country of Africa. This is a social restraint due to the lack of knowledge and prevention programs available in Africa. In order to decrease this number we have to help by bringing in treatments, test screening, and programs to prevent HIV/AIDS. Africa is one of many developing countries who lack the health status to prevent and help their citizen’s survive. Knowledge, implanting programs, and funds will not only help this raising epidemic but can help stop increasing the HIV/AIDS rates.

BreAnna Neal
April 19,2013 1:01 pm

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