Friday, April 19, 2013

Syria: Extreme Poverty for Displaced Women causing Brides "buyers market"

      In many countries, women are forced to leave their home and their family to find a job somewhere else to provide for their family back home. In this week article, women who leave their homeland looking for work, often end up in refugee camps and are victims of sexual abuse or exploitation in Syria. As women who are not married and move to another place, they tend to get married to for a secure future but not with the right intentions.

      As women in Zaatari, Jordan, struggle to search for security and a better life for themselves and their children, they become vulnerable to sexual violence and sexual exploitation. It is bad enough that they are away for their families, but they are also struggling with paying rent or becoming legal so they can work and make some kind of steady income. “As a result, women resort to risky survival strategies such as early or forced marriage or exchanging sex for food and a place to live.”

      In the Zaatari refugee camp in northwestern Jordan, there is known to be “quick marriages between Syrian women and men from other countries.” Many men who are looking for a wife know that the Syrian women will be the easiest way and know that they do not have to bargain with their rights on getting “mahr, which is dowry.” These women are seen more traditional by getting married and settling down instead of getting education and waiting for marriage. There is also cases where women are getting married at an early age of 12 or 13 years old. This results to a higher crime of violence and abuse which could have “major consequences on girls’ mental and physical well-being.” Unfortunately, if the groom or husband can not handle or does not like his wife, he could become feed up and end up sending the women or girl back to their family.

      I hear stories all the time about how women are being victims to many crimes all over the world, but in this article this week I feel as if the women set their selves up to a not so good future. Their intentions to just become married and settle down may seem like living the life but clearly as we see it is not. They still faced violence in their community which they went off to as well as struggling to make ends meet by themselves. If each individual women can just think the right way and not focus on having a husband will make everything better, these women could actually become someone important in life if they just apply and challenge their abilities.

Sheila Floyd

SOC 202-01


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