Thursday, September 19, 2013

Blog 1: Crime against Indian Women

In a recent report in India, four men have been sentenced to death for gang raping a woman and beating her to death. CNN reported that the woman was with her boyfriend at the time but instead the men only beat up the boyfriend but proceed to brutally rape and eventually killed the woman. The fact that they did not do the same to the man shows that the crime specifically was geared towards the woman. Society portrays woman as inferior to men and give less privilege in society. Especially in India society the crime against woman has increased and the society is more patriarchal.
CNN reports that the sentence of the men who committed the crime is the death penalty. Most of the citizens following the case found that to be a fair sentence. It is interesting that the men received such a harsh punishment due to the patriarchal aspect of their society. Usually men have more privilege than women and their crimes are usually overlooked in other societies.  This brutal case of violence on women have led to far bigger issues such as women's rights and a fight for equality with men. Although equality with men has been long going; the fact that violence was involved in this most recent case raises awareness to the issue about women and their fight to be respected fully. It was a tragic event that led to a movement of deeper societal issues. The question is when will the violence against innocent women stop?

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