Thursday, September 19, 2013

Blog 2 : Sectarian Violence Reignites in Muqdadiya, Iraq

The violence between the Sunni's and the Shiites, which hasn't been a major problem for a while, has returned.  Some say it is even worse than it was before.  For some generations now, the two sects have been able to work together and live in the same communities, but that idea is dying now.  It has been said that daily bombings have become a regular happening.  Violence hasn't been this bad in the town for five years.  There have been reports of Shiite's forcing the Sunni's out of neighborhoods and threatening their lives if they don't.  One man even went on record stating that he had to leave a day after his family's home was under fire.  Gunmen shouted for them to leave or be killed.  He and his family left the home he has lived in since 1966.  He lived their during the worst days of the sectarian war but now says he will never go back.  This seems to be happening as a retaliation from past events.  The Sunni's did similar actions until it concluded in 2007.  There was never any reconciliation from what happened back then.  The Shiite's are in charge of the government and security which explains the violent happenings.

With constant violence arising between the two sects, it seems they can't come to the conclusion that they are equal in any way, shape, or form.  It is as if each believes the other is a lower class than their own.  Both are Islamic sects and aside from some religious practices, they aren't too different to the point where they should believe one is necessarily better than the other.  However, the amount of Sunni there are in comparison to the Shiite is very alarming with the Shiite being highly outnumbered.  The Sunni more than likely have the idea that since there are more of them than by default the must be the more important of the two sects.  The message somehow needs to get across that they are all equal.

Kaelin Graham

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