Friday, September 13, 2013

Blog 1: Crime in India

Summary: In India, a judge of New Delhi sentenced four men to hang for the rape and murder of a local woman. The girl was not alone when she decided to take a ride home on a bus with her boyfriend from the movies. Also on the bus was the bus driver, and three other men who were intoxicated at the time, one of which was a minor. The men (bus driver included) beat both the woman and her boyfriend and then preceded to rape the woman in the back of the bus. After each man raped the woman, they penetrated her with iron rods. She later died in a Singapore hospital. This particular case caused many protests about the current rape laws in India, wanting harsher punishments for the act. The men involved who were over the age of 18 were sentenced to death by the judge, whereas the minor who committed the crime was sentenced to three years in a detention facility. The bus driver committed suicide in his jail cell three months after the incident.

Analysis: This particular case is one that has both elements of good and bad. On the up side, Indians are now pleading for harsher punishments for rape crimes and it appears that they are succeeding. They are asking for double punishment for rape and murder. On the down side, a woman did die after what can only be described as a horrible death. In Indian culture, women are blamed for the rape on most occasions rather than the men. Women are taught to dress very conservatively and to not go out after dark. In some Indians opinions, it seems to be the fault of the woman for being raped in the first place. Many families will banish a woman from the home or village just for being raped. This particular case seems to be just one of many cases that will potentially lead to changes that need to be made in the Indian court system.

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