Friday, September 13, 2013

Blog 1: Egypt's War On Hamas

Summary: Until last June, Hamas was the main ally to Islamic countries. Due to the media controlled government that is run by President Mohamed Morsi it has turned into Egypt’s number one enemy.  Although they are outnumbered, it is a war that Hamas cannot afford to lose. It is believed that Egypt’s intelligence officials are a part of Tamarod Rebellion, which is a new group determined to overthrow the Hamas Regime. The war is not only affecting the country itself, it is also halting transportation of the Gaza Strip, therefore, creating a shortage of basic goods and fuel from both Hamas and Egypt. Although Egypt is denying a war between the two countries, it is clear that there is confrontation between the two.  Hamas is left with two options: to officially go to war or to create a new conflict that will force Egypt to halt its war.


Analysis: It is slightly obvious that Egypt’s government is the cause of the sudden uproar that has come between them and Hamas. It shows that media is a powerful instigator whether it is used for destructive or constructive purposes.  If it were not for the destruction of the Gaza Strip, the war would not be as severe. The best strategy that Hamas has is to creat a new conflict to distract from the current one. Due to certain facts, Hamas is not prepared to take on Egypt’s military therefore putting them at risk. The question is not how the war began; it is why did the war begin? What is President Mohamed Morsi’s plan for destroying their ally’s relationship with the country? Also, are the citizens aware of the manipulation?           

Gabrielle Hill

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