Friday, September 20, 2013

Blog 2: Iran's president calls for 'constructive' dialogue, end to 'unhealthy' rivalries

Recently elected President Hassan Rouhani has made statements that can finally bring a much needed peace and closure to the United States and Iran. He hopes to meet and speak to President Obama in regards to his nuclear program. Though the program has always been seen as a negative and a possible act for destruction throughout the world, Hassan Rouhani proclaims that the nuclear program was never intended to produce any weapons of mass destruction such as a nuclear bomb but instead they were using it for a means of energy. He wants to speak of peace without letting things get out of hand and stated that unless any threats were made then it should be an easy transition for both parties involved. President Rouhanni wants to clear the air for the Iranians who have been seen as problematic and power hungry. He wants Iran to be respected, have their dignity and be place rightfully in the world. If it works then it could bring a new beginning to the way things are done and could also bring closure in Syria.
This could be great for the United States who have not had this opportunity with Iran since Bill Clinton was president and he clearly did not get it done. Then we lost that opportunity after Clinton left and Bush came into power, he sent the nation into war and we have been in constant fights since. Our national debt is through the roof right now and doing this with President Hassan Rouhani could open many doors. It could focus less on war and putting boots on the ground and lean more towards diplomacy and the government doing what they were elected to do. Getting Iran to do the right thing with their nuclear program could be the focal point of many later on, mainly Syria right now who we are having major problems with.
Enrique Diaz

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