Friday, September 20, 2013

Blog 2: To Far Ahead?

Hong Kong has 1,200 more university places than the students expected to meet the requirements to get in. Student numbers are decreasing year by year and predicted to keep falling, for example, this year there are 71,700 students and in three years only 59,400 are expectedto attend. Some critics put the blame on the university for being inaccurate on the population growth. Out of 4,500 only half of the students felt they would obtain a college education compared to the 81 percent in South Korea. Poorer families aren't able to paticipate in this "expansion" of education because they don't meet the requirements.

I think the reason Hong Kong keeps building more universities is because they don't want to feel left behind. Places like South Korea that has 80 percent of there students graduate from an unversity, and Singapore who has 70 percent of there students that graduate. With 1,200 more universities than needed and the falling rate of students a lot of places may have to be shut down by force because there is no use to them. I think they should come down a little with the requirements so more people, poor children specifically, could also have a chance at getting a higher education. Families in poverty never even get thought about while these universites are being built, but now I dont think Hong Kong has a choice.

Tyera Fisher

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