Friday, September 20, 2013



In this article they basically talked about how the students who did some type of physical activity, were able to retain information better than someone who didn't. There was also a study at the American College of Sports Medicine that found that students that exercised vigorously for ten minutes before a test, scored higher than the student who sat quietly before the exam. Better fitness was overall found to link to higher achievement scores. As stated in the article, "Students who were overweight but relatively fit had higher test scores than lighter, less-fit children." These numerous test had a large part in helping the legitimacy of the results.

In one study they found that higher levels of fitness had great impact in the most challenging situations that children face intellectually. In this study, they gave the children two different learning styles. The first one quizzed the children as they were learning the information and the other one was just straight memorization. They provided the children with iPads that had marked maps on them. During the first session, the children were shown the names in place for six seconds. Then names showed up on the map in the right place six times while the kids tried to memorize them. In a different learning session, the names showed up on a different map in their right location, then all went to the side. next, the children then has to match the names with the right place, which tested them as they memorized it. The next day, when all the children were tested it showed that the children performed the same when their memorization was reinforced by testing. However, with the children who weren't tested at the same time of memorization, the more conditioned group performed better than the less-fit children. So it is now more suggested that children should engage in a vigorous physical activity at least an hour a day. Charles Hillman insisted this and he also insisted that they should get such exercise at school since they are there for so many hours.

I personally can understand why the student would perform better after working out or being physical because you are so carefree while playing or being active. It's also a chance to wake your brain up. After physical activity, your brain should function better and be able to retain information better.

Quarshona Collins
September 20, 2013
4:37 pm

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