Friday, September 20, 2013

Blog 2: UN Highlights Education

The United Nations decided on September 18th that it was time to invest in educating children around the world, to “embrace global citizenship based on values of diversity and tolerance” (Marking International Day of Peace). The UN wants to give children the education that they deserve and will attempt to do so with the use of political power and finances. There is a current decline in producing aid for education, which the UN hopes to eradicate by giving proper attention to education. The plan for now says that schools will be built, teachers will be trained, nutritious meals will be provided, and students will be able to gain access to knowledge. This decision to invest in the future of the world’s children is in honor of the International Day of Peace (Septmeber 21st) as the theme this year is ‘Education for Peace’.

This article discusses the importance of educating the children in the world to promote the pursuit of knowledge and to teach global tolerance. The UN wants to take initiative to not necessarily eliminate ethnocentric views, but to educate children that other cultures exist and how to accept the differences between cultures. This is also a chance to reach out to the poor and underdeveloped areas of the world in hopes of a better future by educating children and teaching them how to make their society better, in hopes these children will use this education to advance their own lives as they become adults. It is this kind of forward action that is needed to better the world, through education and devotion to creating a brighter future and carrying out the actions necessary to achieve these goals.

Tara Cook
September 20, 2013
4:26 p.m.

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