Friday, September 20, 2013

Blog 2: Google Exploring Different Ways for Ad Tracking Devices

Blog 2: Google Exploring Different Ways for Ad Tracking Devices

Technology is a form of communication that everyone uses in some way, shape or form. The different forms of technology allow people to communicate, complete task, and explore so much about different topics. There are various forms of technology such as computers, phones, iPods, notebooks, and even television. However through all of these forms of technology, people’s privacy no longer exists. Google is a well known network that many use for communicating, and searching the web. Google Chrome is known for using Cookies. A type of file that is used to track users across the web in order to advertise different things, based on the website and key words they use when browsing the internet. However Google is now trying to explore alternative ways for advertising tracking. Google states that they want their user’s security to remain ensure, but they want to also make sure that the Web remains economically viable.  


This article discusses the new ways that Google wants to improve, however it is only taking away the privacy that people should feel they have. This is a Global Problem because many people surf the web, and use it for various reasons. The problem stems from the concern of one’s security not being ensured, although Google has made that a commitment. It seems as though now, no one is able to do something, without the government having notice of every little move they make. The ads that pop up on ones computer are not just a coincidence, they are getting our information, and using keywords that we search, email to others, and using it as a way to sell their products. If people were actually well aware of how these products just pop right up on our screens as we are in the middle of a task, it would raise problems. However the problem is that many people aren't aware of this. Some may view it as understandable, and revenue for the economy, and others will view this as an issue and another loss to privacy.
Courtney Brown
September 20, 2013

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