Friday, September 20, 2013

Blog 2 : international adoptional the good the bad and the ugly

The article International adoption: Saving orphans or child trafficking is a deep point on what exactly goes on with international adoptions. They speak to two girls who lived two different adoption stories; one young lady who had the magical adoption story with great parents that loved her and she bonded with and the other who had been taken from her family by trickery and lies and sent to America passed around and then eventually own her own at 18 without the life she and her family were promised. This article touches on all these basis of adoption and how the demand of children from different countries affected the children many times in horrible way and benefited the adoption agencies and the country in a monetary way. Children are sometimes taken from their families, other time the families are tricked into thinking they are sending their children to family and countries where they will go to school and be well taken care of being that adoption agency can make $5k a child. The author of the article also talks about countries stopping the adoptions internationally because of the many accusations of corruptions. They get a view from two different adoptive parents one who adopted abd later found out the his children were taken from their mother and one who went to the country saw the children and later came back and adopted without any issues. The article shows the dark , the bright and the good and bad of adoptions

 This article opens up a book of things that many people have already known or are learning now. Adoption has always been pushed as one of those humanitarian type of things people who have a better life can help and insure a better life for children in their countries and their own. But is it always seen as that way to the children and even their families.  The fact that countries take children away from their families for a dollar or the “demands” that other countries have to adopt that child who may not even need saving is incredibly saddening . The unhappiness of a family and the child is worth the $5000 they may earn that is more than what they will usually earn in life is a dishearten fact that many don’t see.  The children are taken aren’t cared for but are just taken for a dollar and sent to a unrecognizable countries where they don’t know anyone. They also do put in the positive and happy stories that are legitimate adoptions that successful for the children and their families the stories are happy and also question the why close adoptions, why not the parents also do their research so that everyone is benefited and the adoptions are legal, families are happy, and the countries aren’t implement or accused of corruptions and wrong doings to the children, their families and the adoptive parents. The fights for justified adoptions are good and can change the face of adoption to completely good.
shelby powell
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