Friday, September 20, 2013

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Sexual Jihad?

Recently up many Tunisian girls have been reported for going on a "sexual Jihad" to Syria. This article addresses the facts about it. It seems unsure whether the women were "tricked" into going on this trip to relieve soldiers or if it was voluntary. Many women have returned pregnant after having sex with many of the Islamic fighters in Syria. The women were exchanged between different men during their stay there. Some say that this might the simple form of prostitution, because it was a formal agreement. The actions seems suspicious although because many have been arrested for "networking" to send young people to Syria for this type of Jihad. It seems there are mixed views within the country itself. Some say it is simply prostitution and others say it is "moral educational corruption". Within a concentrated area of soldiers one of these "Jihads" was discovered and broken up.

There is a interesting problem going on here that the article unintentionally points out that could creates some sociological perspective tension. It seems that although some see this as a sort of crime, or even sex trafficking, another view point is that it is a version of "holy war" which is admirable in Middle Eastern tradition and religion. So although women could be offering their bodies up for nothing return, within their religion it is considered honoring. It is important to not be ethnocentric and at the same time also understand the patriarchal society that dominates the Middle East. The real question is if this is a social problem within Tunisia or if it is suitable for their social structure and traditions.

What could create problems is the fact that these women are returning pregnant and might not be able to provide for their children because the relations had with the soldiers were conditional. Similar yet different to what happened in the 1940's after the war in America. Women were encouraged to have children, it was considered honorable but not be independent workers. Is it oppression? If these women are only seen for their reproductive values the society as a whole will decline economically. The society will decline economically because these women make up more then 50% percent of the population and therefore you are loosing a good bit of interaction.  This causes a variety of problems, such as poverty and starvation, lack of health care, all stemming from to much weight on the woman.

Although they do their country an honor of giving birth, it will not be honorable if the children will have a hard time even surviving. Traditionally what the Tunisian women did makes sense, but dynamically it will have a negative impact on the way women are viewed and their involvement in society. These women although honoring their tradition might end up experiencing suppression they might even be unaware of. This could also be a social issue if these women are tricked or in anyway having been forced to have contact with the soldiers. This is sexual exploitation which there is a high chance of considering the gender gap in Tunisia.

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