Friday, September 20, 2013

Blog 2: "'What a man can do, I can do better': Young women challenge Kenyan society"

            This article describes the discrimination and violence that many Kenyan women face today. This violence and discrimination has been a persistent issue. They face issues like dowry-related violence and genital mutilation and rape. The article writes, “In 2006 the Kenyan government released statistics showing that a woman is raped every 30 seconds here, and promptly passed its first sexual offenses law; though critics say it is too rarely enforced.” Kenya is a very patriarchal society with over 95% of the land being owned by men. Despite all of the gender inequality that Kenya faces, many young women are starting to take steps that would have been impossible for their mothers and grandmothers. It is said that economic empowerment will help women escape this domestic violence. These young women are pushing to change their roles in society.

This article deals greatly with inequality. Women are not seen as equal in this patriarchal society. As a result, many women are left to face violent and discriminatory acts due to their inferiority. They are forced to stay in these situations for financial reasons. They cannot feed their families without the help of men. Women that do have jobs often face unwelcome sexual advances in the workplace. Refusing advances could leave them unemployed. However through changes, women’s growing economic independence has made it easier for them to leave abusive unsatisfying relationships. However, this could also result in the feminization of poverty. Women and their dependent children could be at the top risk of poverty. Kenya still has a long way to go toward gender equality, but young women must keep taking steps to reverse this issue.

Kasey Marshall
Gender Inequality, Inequality

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