Friday, September 20, 2013

Blog 2/ Jasmine Russell

Putin says Syrian Chemical Attack "Sly and ingenious provocation by rebels"

Russia believes that Syrian rebels were behind the chemical attack. This statement was made by President Vladimir Putin. Countries including the US, Britain, and France all believe that this attack was in fact done by Syrian military. Russia strongly disagrees with the United State’s plans to attack Syria, with the reason being that it would “violate basic principles of international law and undermine the U.N. role.”

The reason that I chose this to go with my blog theme of crime is because Syrian chemical’s attack is a crime. Doing something that can potentially harm a whole population, intentionally, is dangerous and deserves criminal charges. What the Syrian rebels did was a form of attack and although I am not sure if the United States should take action and get involved, I do believe that action should be taken to prevent things of this nature from happening again. If the roles were reversed in United State’s rebels were doing chemical attacks on civilians, I too would want something to be done. I believe that if we ignore crimes such as this one that can cause so much harm, they will continue to happen. I am not sure of the lesson that should be taught in this case, but I do hope that some light is shed on this particular issue. It is becoming quite popular globally.

Jasmine Russell

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