Friday, September 20, 2013

Blog #2: Under Egyptian siege, Hamas could try to strike at Israel

 Hamas is unable to import a decent amount of fuel causing the citizens to suffer a shortage of gas supply and constant power outages. Due to the electricity supply there have been sewage failures causing it to travel to the Mediterranean Sea. The Gaza strip is taking a huge toll on their economy. Due to Egypt’s decision to close the tunnels, Hamas has been importing fuel from Israel. Hamas is not suffering as much as Gaza from the closing of the tunnels. Gaza’s economy has been “deteriorating.” Hamas leaders are worried that the rebellious social network movement will cause a widespread protest. In order to increase Egypt’s pressure to once again open the tunnels is to increase the threat of violence towards Israel. By doing so, it will cause attention to be placed upon Gaza again. The situation may escalate into a military clash by next month if things do not change.
The Conflict between Egypt and Hamas are quickly escalating. The Gaza strip is causing more issues than intended. Before, Hamas was deciding between two options, but recently they could not make their decision due to another conflict that has occurred. They are more than likely going to be forced to take military action as well as Gaza. The social network protests are the most affective because other countries will be aware of the situation as well. Between Gaza, Egypt, and Hamas it is unclear who will rise above the altercation. From what we know, Gaza and Hamas are suffering the most. Will they form an alliance or will they individually handle their own problems? They logical thing right now would be to confront Egypt and it’s government.  

Gabrielle Hill

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