Thursday, September 19, 2013

Blog 2: Myanmar Pledges to Tackle Human Trafficking Through International Collaboration

       Recently, Myanmar has not only become more aware of the high levels of human trafficking, but they have also been seeking the root causes and some possible solutions within their country. In 2005 they adopted an anti-trafficking law, and this year they celebrated Anti-Trafficking Day, which will now be celebrated annually on September 13th. This article goes on to tell that police officers and other agencies are now receiving the proper education to deal with trafficking situations, and they are hosting many public events to alert their countrymen about this growing problem. There is also mention of Myanmar "doing more to check the problem at home and collaborating in preventive efforts with the U.S. and its Southeast Asian neighbors",  which is a key factor in abolishing human trafficking.
       One of the most impressive things about Myanmar's efforts is their thorough work involved in educating the public. They have spent time researching where most trafficking is taking place within their country and why, which enables them to target the issue at the source. A common trend in many human trafficking situations, it is recognized that Myanmar's poor economic, political, and social situation pushes many people to seek employment abroad, making them more susceptible to human trafficking. It is also monumental that they have taken this information and used it to construct awareness campaigns within the most at risk communities. Hosting concerts and giving speeches is a very proactive way to approach the abolition of human trafficking. This article is one that shows how seriously this issue is being taken by some governments, which allows for hope and offers other countries a model to follow if they chose to join the campaign. While these extensive efforts are not yet very common within today's governments, Myanmar proves that there is progress to be made and those willing to being making it.

Caroline Califf
5:31 pm

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