Thursday, September 19, 2013

Blog2: Support Grows For Russia

Russia's foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov released some new statements to the press about Syria and their position on intervention. He stated that Russia was fine with the UN Security Council bringing in chemical weapons experts to Syria, but still wants no military intervention in Syria by other countries. Lavrov also stated that he believes the chemical weapons are being used by the rebels and not the Syrian government. Then this brought the Syrian foreign minister to question the United States about their motives to launch military intervention plans in Syria. The foreign minister also states that if the United States inters Syria, that the only people that will be hurt are the peaceful ones, meaning the women and children. The meeting ended by both foreign ministers saying they welcome each other, and agree to try to keep out foreign intervention at all costs. Then Turkey sent additional troops and jets to the Syrian border.
                      The more Russia and Syria talk of no intervention at all costs, the more tension is built, not only in the United Nations, but in the surrounding countries. Turkey illustrated this by sending more military toward the Syrian border. The fact that Syria keeps saying that the issue of chemical weapons can be solved without intervention, but the use of chemical weapons in still in use is like one big slap to the United Nation's face. Right now there isn't intervention Syria, but if they continue to avoid the issue by promising the issue will be solved internally, but physically doing nothing, means war is a possibility in Syria. The countries that very strongly opposing Syria's use of chemical weapons are the United States, the United Kingdom, and France. President Obama has made statements about Syria and being ready to go to war. This is a possibility in the near future, of the United States jumping in, then our natural allies jumping in too and an all out world war breaking out, in which Syria could all possibly use chemical weapons, even after they banned in 1968 by the United Nations after the horrors that were produced from WWI and WWII.
Brianna Hunt
19 Sept. 2013
5:45 pm.

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