Friday, September 27, 2013

blog #3 Anti-Gay comment causes call for Boycott of worlds leading pasta makers

In this article the focus is on the comment made by one man Guido Barilla the chairman of the world’s leading pasta manufacturing company. The comment made by Mr. Barilla on radio in an interview was that he would never do a commercial with a homosexual not out of disrespect but that a classical family is where a woman plays a fundamental role. In the articles it also puts light on the other harsh comments that he has made about even gay couples should not be able to adopt children but that also he was for them having rights to gay marriage. He has also in the article been caught saying that if gay like their pasta and advertising that they’ll by it if they don’t then they will find another that do with that cause more of an uproar in the gay community. In the article a man named Aurelio Mancuso the head of gay group Equality Italia speaks on Barilla’s comments say that they are offensive and called for the boycott of all Barilla products, also a gay man in parliament Alessandro Zan comments that Barilla should not mess with consumers. In all this heat and backlash Barilla comes with an apology but still states that he believes women are the central roles in a family

In this article it speaks a lot on the sometimes dangerous things as people we say that can harm or business, livelihood and our characters as human beings. Barilla of course has his reasons for not wanting certain things associated with his company but it making one of this things know he has started a rift in his consumer margin by even making the comment, but in this not being his first time in doing so it finally came to a point with a community that is still fight to be recognized as equals in society. Bring out strong people that could hurt his businesses profit. He did not even think about the harm his comments could do until it was too late, not only was he offending gays but even the heterosexual families or people have friends, family that they love and care for that are gay and want them to be accepted by government and society that may also boycott the products as well. This articles points out to the very things many people tell each other “if you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing at all” wither or not Mr. Barilla meant for this all to come out like it has and burn him and he’s perception in the gay community, we all have to understand that something’s with strong social and political views are best left out of business; ask CEO of chick-fil-a how well his gay comment went or even Paula Dean. Which should have been a warning for all national and international companies and owners to watch what they put out in public because it can bit you back.
Shelby k. Powell
4:08 pm

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