Friday, September 27, 2013

Blog 3: The Heated Debate on Gay Rights

Blog 3: The Heated Debate on Gay Rights

Many people in this society have a tough time accepting gay marriages. In this article by Adam Nagourney he discussed a situation that happened in California. It started by a simple request when a gay activist asked the mayor of Porterville to proclaim the month of June. However when the mayor agreed to sign the proclamation, it was an issue and seen as a sin from many people’s viewpoint. People begin to cite scriptures from the bible as a way to halt her decision, and the city council members even stated that they would not participate in signing the document. This issue raised so many eyebrows that as of last week, Ms. Virginia Gurrola became former mayor of Porterville. This happened after an unexpected reorganization meeting and her council members voted her out. Majority of California is seen as an increasingly Democratic State; however there are still places in California with intense conservative regions, such as Porterville.

Mr. Hamilton is the mayor that has replaced Ms. Gurrola, and he once believed proclamation 8, which came from his religious stance and banned gay marriage before it appeared in the Supreme Court. He felt as though the decision to vote out Ms. Gurrola was right because she is supposed to be an advocate for the Council, and she made that decision on her own without the support of her council members. Since this was such a popular topic, in the Council meetings, it even captured the large attendance of Mormons and members from the Church, which seems to be a powerful source in California. Of course they were against the homosexual conduct and the preacher made a sermon about it, and even posted it to the church’s website. Porterville has been under a lot of intense debate during this season; with many feeling uncomfortable with homosexuality and viewing it as a sin.

This article sheds light on the issue that not only Porterville, California are facing, but also other countries are confronting problems of this category as well. Although it is 2013, many would expect for homosexuality to be accepted everywhere by now, especially in a place such as California; which is majority Democratic. However it is just an issue that many are afraid to confront, rather it is because of religious beliefs or culture beliefs. I feel as though homosexuality should be accepted because they are humans just as we are, however I understand the religious and traditional view points of majority of the world on traditional relationships and marriages. This is an issue that the world must confront, because we have so many other things to be focusing on and instead what people want to do with their lives, and what makes them happy is the only thing that seems to captures everyone’s attention. It is shocking that the former mayor of Porterville, California got voted out of her position just because of how strongly the other council members disagreed with her decision. This debate on gay rights will forever shape the attitudes of our society, and separate people, just because people are now agreeing to disagree. The more people are starting to come out and celebrate about their homosexuality, the more problems it causes; however it is a debate that will continue until gay people feel as though they are accepted and have rights just as others.

Courtney Brown
September 27, 2013
4:10 pm

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