Friday, September 27, 2013

Blog 3: Egypt warns of 'harsh' response against Hamas

Egypt’s national security may be threatened by the Palestine branch of the Muslim Brotherhood in Hamas. Ties between Egypt and Hamas have been slowly disintegrating since last July. Due to the nationwide protest to get rid of President Mohamed Morsi through military force, there have been issues between the two countries. Hamas believes that the demolition of the tunnels was a strategy to tighten the “siege” and not security. Egypt’s militants have become stricter in the Sinai Peninsula. A Muslim Brotherhood leader was accused of stealing weapons from a police station; while three militants were found with a sniper rifle and ammunition. On Monday the court will make the decision to ban the brotherhood and their activities in Egypt. They have also shut down the headquarters of Al-Hurriya Wal Adala newspaper, which is the mouth of the organization
It seems as if most of the destruction and conflict has been caused by the Muslim Brotherhood. The issues have finally escalated to violence in both Hamas and Egypt. Due to the power within the Egyptian militant, it is clear that Egypt has the advantage. Through observations, Hamas has a better strategy than Egypt that may allow them to overcome in the end. The U.S. will possibly interfere in time. The war between the two countries is far from over, it has just begun. The question is, how far will it go? Is it a war that can be won?
Gabrielle Hill

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