Friday, September 27, 2013

Blog 3: Fourth officer arrested in Mexico mass kidnapping case

On May 29 of this year 13 youth disappeared after leaving an afterhours bar in Zona Rosa district. The youth’s bodies were found in Mexico City. So far there has been 4 police officers arrested plus an addition 14 other individuals have been arrested for their involvement. The officers in this case have yet to be charged but are detained for questioning until the investigation is done. The forth officer that was recently arrested has been accused of kidnapping but not of the killing. An officer that was detained earlier in September has been accused of “active and direct participation in the mass killing and kidnapping.’ Making it clear that the individuals in the kidnapping all were murdered. This case is still under investigation until further notice. Many of the victims and their families say that they do not trust Mexican authorities and have called for an international investigation case.

Looking at this case you can see that it was more individuals involved than there were victims. These victims were innocent people who were enjoying a night out when everything wrong you could imagine happens. The victim families are crying out for the case to an international investigation because they do not trust the Mexican authorizes. You can’t not blame them for wanting the case to be handle differently. Once again you have a case where the people you are supposed to trust to help you and protect you are the individuals who can hurt you. Though they did not say in the report if the officers were on or off duty, it’s the fact of the matter that the police was involved. Which makes other wonder how many other cases are there were police are involved. Thankfully more evidence is surfacing every day for the case revealing each individual but what about the cases where there isn’t much evidence to unveil the truth.

Jasmine Lea

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