Friday, September 27, 2013

Blog 3: Europe Sees Risk of Polio Re-Introduction From Israel

    Over a decade after it has been declared free, Europe is facing the risk that they may again have a polio issue. The virus was recently found if the sewers of Israel. The virus was identified is over 90 sewer samples and in over 40 feces samples of people that live near the sewers. Although there has not been any sign of poliovirus in Europe, there is a possibility that the disease has been reestablished in Europe. The traveling between the two countries makes the reestablishment very possible.  “Frequent travel between Israel and Europe has created “a likelihood that poliovirus may be imported and re-established” in the European Union and the European Economic Area, the ECDC said.” The possibility that someone who has had the poliovirus vaccine can catch the virus is very low but it is high when it comes to people who have not yet gotten the vaccine.

    When I read this article I thought about my own medical records and vaccination requirements in the US. Before preparing to go to college I never knew anything about various vaccines aside from the flu shot. When I think about my shot record I realize that the vaccine for polio is mandatory in America. I then think about the medical processes in Europe, Israel, and other developing countries. I decided to see if the vaccination requirements in Europe included polio. I noticed that only some area made the vaccination mandatory while others made it mandatory. “Vaccination against polio is mandatory for both children and adults in 12 countries; diphtheria and tetanus vaccination in 11 countries and hepatitis B vaccination in 10 countries. For eight of the 15 vaccines considered, some countries have a mixed strategy of recommended and mandatory vaccinations.” I began to consider the history of polio in Europe. In 2002 Europe was declared polio free. That may be the case that some people are not currently and it is no longer mandatory in some areas. 
Khadijah Tucker 

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