Friday, September 27, 2013

Blog 3: French police clear Roma camp in centre of Roubaix

Blog 3: French police clear Roma camp in centre of Roubaix
                In the town of Roubaix in France, the French police have cleared a Roma (Gypsy) camp. In this camp were many people who were from Romania, Bulgaria and the former Yugoslavia. Interior Minister Manuel Valls said that not many of the Roma people could be integrated with the French people and the society. He also said “the majority should be sent back to the borders.”(bbc news Europe, September 27, 2013) The mayor of Roubaix Pierre Dubois stated that the town people asked if the police would clear the camp for reasons of “security, hygiene and major inconvenience to local residents.” It was also stated that the town of Roubaix is already providing accommodations for 150 Roma at two different sites. Many of the Roma children that were staying in the camp were enrolled in local schools and when the evictions happen there was no offer for new accommodations, so that the children could stay in those same schools or even be moved to another school.  The Roma people are treated as if they were the hot potato in France; they are widely discriminated against in Europe. Mr. Mills encouraged councils on the local level to dismantle illegal Roma slums, systemically. The plan to get the expelled residents back to their own countries is to give them free flights.
                In reading this article it is hard to believe that police of any country would go in and move people who were living in caps because they were not welcomed anywhere else. To read that these people had children enrolled in local schools that were around or near the camps, and that they were not given any accommodations to allow their children to go back to the same school or even go to another school is not right. This is taking the rights of those children away from them, the right of the children to go to school and learn to better themselves. In the United States we have the no child left behind acts that allow that all children have to and are given the right to go school no matter what; but in other countries they have no laws that state that children have to go to school. The fact that the Interior Minister said himself that the majority of the people should be sent to the boarders is discrimination all over it. It is shocking to think that in today’s day and age there is still people who think that just because people are somewhat different than you that they are not the same value.

Lindsay Gebbia
September 27, 2013

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