Friday, September 27, 2013

Blog # 3. IOC: No grounds to challenge Russian anti-gay law as Sochi Olympic Games approach. Human rights

The Washington Post
By Kathy Lally, September 26.

After a final inspection tour, the chairman of the International Olympic Committee Jean Claude Killy predicts a fabulous Olympics, claiming that the Russian anti-gay law doesn't violate the Olympic Charter, which rejects discrimination and describes sport as a human right.

Gay-rights advocates were not pleased and several groups plan to take action to influence sponsor and governments, to defend the principle of non-discrimination.

A member of the New York chapter of Queer Nation, argues that the IOC's decision "sold out the lesbian and gay community to the Russian repressive regimen."

Andre Banks, executive director of All Out, an organization that advocates for equality around the world, plans to mobilize its members to let "athletes, sponsors, fans and participating governments speak out and defend the integrity of the Games."

According to Ty Cobb.director of global engagement for the Human Rights Campaign, the Russian law "clearly violates the Olympic Charter."

President Vladimir Putin's is seen as ambiguous. Some people are turning violent and homophobic against gays, and others are even afraid to say the word "homosexual."


Although the chairman of the IOC, Jean Claude Killy is assuring people that the event organization is a success and that the Olympic Charter is going to be honored, it is understandable that human rights activists are reacting against the anti-gay law.

The article doesn't state what is the position of the sponsors of the Olympic Games. In other articles many artists have declined the invitation to attend the event in solidarity with the LGBT community.

I believe that human rights activists are furious against the chairman of the IOC because a lot of money has been invested in the organization of these Games, and don't want economic interests to be put above human rights. Human rights activists argue that the law has given society permission to take matters in their own hands, discriminating and physically harming the Russian gay-community.


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