Friday, September 27, 2013

Blog 3: Greek Migration to Australia increases

Greek Migration to Australia Increases

In recent releases by the Department of Immigration, it has shown that the number of all types of visas has increased in recent times, with temporary visas increasing by 70 percent. This increase is assumed to be caused by the original student visas turning into temporary visas. A registered Migration officer stated that the Greek migrants on student visas have been able to improve their English and their qualifications for an application of a work or skilled visa. Family and skilled migration has seen a massive increase in recent times between 2011-12 to 2012-2013, it has seen an increase in 61 percent.
The idea of a new start in Australia is set on by the limited opportunities in Greece along with unemployment remaining really high. The highest category of visas in Australia is the student visa with the increase of 45 percent in the last year.
The best ways for the Greeks entering Australia is tourist visas of a decent length is the best way for them to learn to speak English better and become qualified to apply for application of a longer term visa.
Cyprus has a smaller level of migration but their statistics of movement to Australia still shows an increase, an increase of about 100 people as off-shore tourists.
Greeks have always been migrating to Australia and this recent trend can only be put down to the social problems facing Greece. The lack of opportunities is driving people away from their home nation which has given new life to Australia’s immigration statistics. Australia’s attractiveness for Greeks to come here is due to its opportunities which are available for immigrants as there is a better chance of work aswell as the quality of life in Australia is better. The recent increase will most likely continue to increase as Greece does not seem to be changing in the near future.

James Dougherty

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