Friday, October 04, 2013

Blog 4: Kenya Riots Over Slain Muslim Cleric Turns Deadly

After a gunman in Nairobi shot and killed a popular Muslim cleric Sheikh Ibrahim Amor and three of his associates as they were traveling home after delivering a sermon at Musa Mosque. Riots began to erupt from this incident causing four deaths and at least seven individuals to be hospitalized. The rioters have burned tires and also set fires churches to show their anger and remorse to what has happened to them.  Police have been guarding churches in the area that have been hit by rioters. A year ago Aboud Rogo Mohammed was fatally shot and killed on the same road that Amor was killed on by Kenyan security forces. Police have accused Amor of radicalizing young people into terrorism. Muslim human rights believe Kenyan security forces are behind the attack, just as they thought for Mohammed’s death. The suspect for the shooting is still unknown and the investigation is ongoing. As for right now everything is calm on the ground.

 As we talked about in class there are different types of crimes. Based off the two articles I read this seems to be a white collar crime.  White-collar crimes are crimes that are committed by a person of high social status who commits their crime in the context of their occupations. In the article the Muslim human rights strongly believed the Kenyan security forces killed the cleric being that just over a year ago Mohammed was targeted and killed by Kenyan security forces. Looks like a pattern.  Person of high social status would be both the Kenyan security forces and Amor.  Across the world people commit many crimes, petty or extreme. Each crime should have consequences regardless of social status, gender, race or ethnicity. Individuals who riot are usually rioting to get a point across or to showcase that they would like a change. For example the Trayvon Martin case many would say the verdict of the case was based off race and social class. Though they say the constitution doesn’t see color, is that true? There were many riots after and during Martin’s case because people wanted to see change. Though no one was injured like in Nairobi police still had control of the situation. In both cases an “innocent” individual was killed for what many would say no reason.  When will the laws or legal code of crime see no color, gender or ethnicity?,0,3126299.story

Jasmine Lea

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