Friday, October 04, 2013

Blog 4- Mombasa riots- Natalia Alexander 10/4

Two weeks after the deadly shooting on the Nairobi shopping centre Kenya’s port of Mombasa still has high tension. Thursday night the cleric Ibrahim “Rogo” Omar and three other people were shot dead on their drive home in Mombasa. Mr. Rogo allegedly had connects with al-Shabab and although the allegations were denied some Muslims blame the Kenyan security forces for his death. The killing of Mr. Omar has similarities of Aboud Rogo Mohammed which starts days of rioting by Muslims in Mombasa last year.

            All the trouble began after Friday prayers when protesters clashed with police and started lighting bonfires and stoning cars. Three people died of stab wounds and at least one who died in the hospital had been shot. Warning shots and tear gas were fired in the air to try and calm down demonstrators. Mombasa city police Chief Kipkemoi Rop said “24 people had been detained, as the force would not tolerate unruly youth taking over the town.” The street of Masjid Musa Mosque which is the same street as the Salvation Army church has been known to attract some radical followers says correspondents. Muslim cleric known as Makaburi said “police were behind the killings of Mr. Omar and others and that they should tell the truth about Westgate, not kill innocent Muslims in Mombasa.”

            My view on this tragedy is that killing innocent people is horrible and wrong. An event that happened two weeks earlier still has a way of getting victims and people still dying because of it. Something within their government is has people talking and blaming them for all these deaths. Showing that the people of Kenya really need to come together and figure out responsible what is the root of all the killings and why everything is happening.


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 Natalia Alexander

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