Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Blog 4 "UN Intergovernmental Panel addressing Climate Change"

The United Nations secretary general, Ban Ki-moon spooked to delegates about new updates of climate changes and his plan to push a treaty for the high emission of greenhouse gas. The top scientist in the world revealed of the dangers of the increasing greenhouse gas emit by humans. They also established a target level of emissions which humans must stop or there will be serious climate change consequences. Because of human activities especially during the Industrial Revolution, over half-trillion tons of carbon dioxide has already been burned during that time. There are still doubts on the rate of sea level rises and species extinctions, but the only way out is to limit emissions. They also offered a “carbon budget,” that is the limited number of greenhouse gases or carbon dioxide that can be produced by companies.  
Strict policy reform will need to be done to prevent corporations from destroying our planet. Government will need to create policy changes and find ways to ameliorate the problem. Climate changes is very frightening because once it begins it’s not something that can be stopped automatically; it will take many years to repair the damages we did to the earth. This problem requires cooperation from every country, which is difficult to do if nations don’t share the same goals.  “The group has now issued five major reports since 1990, each of them finding greater certainty that the world is warming and greater likelihood that human activity is the chief cause.” This is very terrifying because these changes occurred everywhere. One event I myself did experience was the increasing hot weather of this past summer in California. I grew up in California and have never recall the temperature to be at least 100 or higher every day until this past summer that I visited.

 Mailee Vue
October 2, 2013

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