Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Blog 3: Syrian foreign minister at U.N. General Assembly: 'There is no civil war'

Foreign Minister Walid Moallem spoke on regards of Syria, explaining that there was not a civil war in Syria but rather it was a fight to get all the terrorists out of Syria, those that were attacking the Syrian military and those that were attacking the innocent people that resided there. The promise that he made about his stash of nuclear weapons was not brought up but he simply stated that he and Syria as a country were true to their word and would abide by the rules implemented. The U.N is currently still searching for nuclear weapons in hopes that they might find something to be sure that Syria is turning all their weapons in. Investigators are also in search for the people responsible for using the chemical weapons on the innocent people. Walid Moallem is positive that the terrorists are being provided with weapons from countries in the west.

Its simple to see that there is still trust issues out there between Syria and the United States, they have gone back on their word before and the government is doing their best to keep this in the hands of politics and not require any military action to take place. The search for weapons and the terrorists that attacked innocent people in Syria is still going strong and measures are being entrenched to make sure that it does not happen again. We need to come together and make sure it doesn't come do a violent end.

Enrique Diaz


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