Friday, October 11, 2013

Blog 5: Bangladesh garment factory fire kills 10

A fire at a Bangladesh clothing company, with links to Western clothing brands, killed 10 people including the general manger, Rashiduzzman Mandal.  This incident happened only six months after a factory building collapsed that killed 1,100 people which has lead authorities and global clothing companies to pledge on improving safety standards. Through undercover investigation, CBS found that many factory workers are working under the legal age of employment, in poorly ventilated work areas where toxic chemicals are being used, and are often not provided with safety equipment. When the fire had started, there were currently 170 workers inside the factory and most were able to escape the flames. The cause of the fire is still unknown but is being under investigation by the government.

            Families of victims affected by the incident are being left to deal with the loss of their loved ones while also trying to figure out how to manage without the income they received through the factory. This incident and others like it are due to globalization, factory owners do not take the precautionary measures to ensure their workers are safe because they do not want to lose any money or profits. They also exploit their workers by having them work in horrible conditions at very low wages. The lack of employment opportunities leave people with no other choice but to work under these conditions in factories. Although it is unfair to the workers and their families, this is the only way for the factory to be competitive with other factories who are also exploiting their workers. We, Americans, allow for this injustice to occur because we buy a huge portion of the clothes from the factories that exploit their workers. Unless strict laws are made for to protect factory workers from other countries, this will unfortunately continue to occur.  

Karina Velazquez
2:35 pm

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