Friday, October 11, 2013

Blog 5: Mom Murdered by Teen Daughter

This past week in Cape Town, South Africa Phoenix Racing Cloud Theron who is 19 stood in the Simon’s Town Magistrate’s Court with her boyfriend Kyle Maspero, 18, and Godfrey Scheepers, 20. They stood there accused of killing Theron’s mother Rosemary Theron who was 39. Rosemary Theron went missing back in March and was found early this week in a shallow grave in Strandfontein due to Scheepers making a confession to the police. The previous week in court they heard how Phoenix embraced her mother while Maspero snuck of from behind and strangled Rosemary to death. Maspero who waited calmly and Theron who stood trembling and crying at the dock did not apply for bail on Thursday due to wanting this to be as speedy as possible. The State contends that the two carried out the murder while under drug influence.

During all of this the father of Theron speaks out saying he doesn’t know how to come to terms that his daughter the one he adored  and thought was the sweetest could do such a horrific act. She grew up being a good student volunteering at NGOs even with coming from a broken home. He did suspect that Theron and her boyfriend had gotten mixed up with drugs.

This is a greater issue then many would like to point out for the fact that here in the U.S they are trying to make some states legal for marijuana. With marijuana being a gateway drug to worse drugs this could easily happen here. No mother deserved to disappear and die due to her daughter and boyfriend. They are still waiting for the next court date to figure out the final verdict of this travesty.

 Natalia Alexander


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