Friday, October 11, 2013

Blog 5: “Malala, Pakistani Teen Who Survived Taliban Attack, Resented In Hometown”

Malala, Pakistani Teen Who Survived Taliban Attack, Resented In Hometown”

Malala Yousafzai, a young 16 year old girl was shot by the Taliban. She was shot by the Taliban for her outspoken views in women’s rights in education. Since then she has began to campaign for women’s rights in other areas like Britian. As a result, Malala has been shunned by her town. Malala has won the European Union's prestigious human rights award and was one of the favorites to win the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday.  However, in her native Swat valley, friends and neighbors have responded “with a mixture of resentment, fear and jealousy”. The Taliban has also repeatedly threatened to kill her. Many people in her village do not even mention her name and have even sided with the Taliban.
            This article deals greatly with inequality. Malala was speaking for women’s rights in education. A woman not being able to have the same educational rights solely because of her sex in a patriarchal society is very unfair. However in this deeply conservative part of Pakistan, women have few rights. Gender roles have created great inequality in this area. Women are expected to stay at home and to keep their opinions to themselves. Men have authority and many more opportunities. Many people are afraid to stand up against the Taliban. This is an an impoverished region where violence is part of daily life. Many people in the town were not fazed by her getting shot because it happens on a normal basis.  Her neighbors and friends also respond this way in fear.  

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