Friday, October 18, 2013

Blog # 5: France mayors cannot not block gay marriages

This article is about the country France and what is going on present day with their gay rights. Recently the the President Hollande made it legal for gays to marry  with a bill that many opposed very strongly and also that in the Constitutional court that it was not unconstitutional for a public  official to officiate same sex marriage even if they were personal against it.  In it the government gave no clause  "opt-out" so that it would be known that this bill was meant to be followed through and through.  With its mass protest and almost half of their population being against gay marriage because they say it goes against their " freedom of conscience" this bill is  drawing a lot of attention and arguments say that it does violate by not having this clause but also takes away their option to " express the diversity of opinions in french society" ( 10th paragraph) said by the groups spokes person.  This bill has  went through every step and microscope and became a bill on May 17 of this year and its still being opposed and fought against by mayors 

Even though this law has been in effect for almost 6 months now there are still people fighting against it. Honestly how? It went through every level that a bill could go through to becoming legal. Seen by many eyes and  given the thumbs up, the seal of approval as being constitutional and yet and still it isn't good enough for the mayors over their cities. Yes the people may be against  and angry but not many bills are given the opportunity to be seen as legal and for this one to be it means a lot , that even if your against it others may not and they should be given the option to marry whom ever the would like because its their life. So far 600  gay couples and been married, France is the 14th country to legalize it worldwide and the 9th in the Europe. That says a lot  that times are moving forward and people should be given the option to live how they please not how others think they should.

Shelby Powell
12:06 pm

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