Friday, October 18, 2013

Blog 6: Taliban

Taliban fighters launched an attack on a convoy of vehicles in Eastern Kabul Friday evening. First, a car bomb that was detonated by a suicide bomber took place, followed by gunfire near an international compound. This was the first major attack near the capital since July. The actual target of the attack was Green Village, a residence for military contractors and other international staff. The car bomb that was detonated in front of Green Village, the international compound, destroyed two or three vehicles belonging to foreign forces. There is some dispute about rather or not the attack took place within Green Village or just “around” Green Village. The Green Village was also put under attack last year by the same forces.

Suicide bombers are becoming more common in order to gain political attention to a certain issue. Suicide bombers either place a bomb into a car or even strap the bomb to their body to detonate in a crowded place. Radicals, such as the Taliban, typically only use suicide bombers; however, they are becoming more common. International compounds are a great place for the Taliban, or other radical groups to gain International attention. The Taliban are “students” who strictly study the Qu’ran. Over the centuries, the Taliban have been tolerant of religious and social diversity; however, the Islamic fundamentalism has grown to be more political causing several disputes.

 Ashley Moore
11:25 am

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