Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Blog 5: Fund Set Up in UAE for Victims of Human Trafficking

A new fund has been set up to support Ewa'a and their attempts to help human trafficking victims begin a new and successful life. While victims were originally given small budgets to get them back on their feet, it was not enough to make them as successful as they potentially could be. This new fund, according to Dr Anwar Gargash, head of the committee, will allow victims to begin their own projects and find the appropriate medical treatment. "The establishment of the new fund will be a major initiative in supporting the victims and helping them meet the needs of their future,” Dr Gargash said. The Ewa'a center's goal is to support victims, women and children alike, and they have been in operation since 2008. According to this article in The National, the Ewa'a is currently looking into opening a men's rehabilitation center in Abu Dhabi in the near future. 

It is very encouraging to see efforts such as those of the Ewa'a program being rewarded and expanding. With the new funds, the organization will be able to care for more rescued victims and give them better chances of succeeding in their futures. They are able to teach women and children how to begin their own projects such as sowing or book binding businesses. They are also able to ensure that these survivors have access to adequate medical treatment, as many of them contact STD's and other health ailments while they are being trafficked. The rehabilitation facility allows the women to swim, craft, and many other every day activities in hopes that they will feel a sense of normality. They also work with the survivors in attempts to catch and prosecute traffickers. This is an awesome organization, and I hope to see more like it progress and receive funding!

Caroline Califf

October 9th 2013

8:19 pm

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