Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Blog #5 Internet Around the World

The world is connected in many ways and this connection contributes widely to globalization. There is a movement being created called the Alliance 4 Affordable Internet also known as A4AI. The Alliance for Affordable Internet is a new coalition (movement) built by private sectors, public sectors, and civil organizations who have come together to fight for affordable internet to mobile and fixed lines. This movement will allow people around the world to be more interconnected. Mobile phones have linked voices from each sides of the planet but all of those phones are not internet accessible. From the article research has shown that having internet at an affordable rate to all could promote economic growth and continue to push for more inclusive societies and communities. A security guard named David who lives in South Nairobi works away from home and is gone for long periods of time. The family he leaves behind him lives off of the paychecks that he sends home and pays bills from the system that Kenya has set up. If he had affordable internet all of that access could be easier. A4AI wants to provide opportunities in technological advances to those who are international and promote a world that is further more interconnected.

We live in a global society today and many people have access to technological resources. It is a good opportunity for those who currently cannot afford internet.  With more people online, the economy could grow and provide opportunities for those who do not have access to the proper resources to better themselves. It is important to create this in social capital so that the world can advance more. For those who are wanting to start their own buisness in low income communites who are isolated from the (world wide web) WWW the A4AI would be a great way for them to start building their empire.

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