Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Blog 5: Iran nuclear talks start in Geneva amid 'cautious optimism'

The 5 super powers met in Geneva this week to discuss the plans that they have regarding Iran. As before we are still making good progress and it seems that talks are getting that much closer. The Iranian government seem to be more than ready to comply to stop the nuclear weapons plan and move on into a peaceful effort, so that they can get the respect that they feel they deserve as a nation and all around the world. At the same time they have made it clear that they will not be bullied and pushed around by anyone. They want to continue using the resources so that they can enrich their country and make that much better. Its quite clear that the line between making this happen and having it go south is very thin, as the Iranian government has shown times before that they cannot be trusted and are all talk.

We need to tread lightly around this, we have gotten the closest that we have gotten in recent years to having Iran act civilize and turn their weapons and stop using the resources they have to make weapons of destruction. Trust has to be built between Iran and the powerhouse nations of the world, they hold no strings in the matter and can't seem to sum up any trust with anyone. We are ever so close to making this go through and we need to keep pushing on, without taking the usual step forward and two steps back.

Enrique Diaz

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