Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Blog 5-Africa Continues to Grow Strongly but Poverty and Inequality Remain Persistently High

Sometimes I think about the extreme gap between wealth and poverty and I try to think of a solution that can help bring this gap together.  Then I think:  “Is there economic gaps in every country?”  The truth that I have found through all by blogs is that, yes, there are economic gaps in every country.  Some countries just allow the gap to widen while others try to make plans and laws, such as the UK in my last blog, that will bring the gap together.  It’s interesting to see how different some countries are.
            In this blog I read about the high hopes set in Africa’s  population growth.  America is growing, I think that we can all see that, but it really surprised me that Africa is growing steadily.  Africa grew 4.9% in 2013 and is now among the “fastest growing countries in the world.”  Even though there is great economic growth, Africa’s Pulse notes and states that “poverty and inequality remain unacceptably high and the pace of reduction unacceptably slow.”  The country is hoping that the rate will fall between 16% and 30% by 2030.  However, the report also states and suggest that most of the world’s poor people will live in Africa by 2030.  What has accounted for this jump in population?  Well, tourism destinations continue to thrive throughout Africa and has jumped 4%.          
            When I think about Africa, I think about a very poor country with very little resource.  I think about a hunters and gatherers community and young children walking around freely.  It is an amazing face to me to know that they are growing and thriving.  However, I do not know how they will be able to bridge the economic growth.  I feel like the only way they can do so is by starting and using new resources such as technology.  When Africa starts using new technology, it will change their culture.  It will change what they have always known.  So, do we help and force technology on them or do we let them continue their culture? 

Hannah Bay Snider
10:30 pm

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