Thursday, October 10, 2013

Blog 5 "Japan dolphin-killing town open to marine park "

A new marine park will be open to tourists and the public in Japan. Visitors will have the permission to swim with dolphins in the park; however not far from the park is a dolphin slaughter site in town of called Taiji. “The Cove” is a 2009 Oscar documentary bringing attention to the slaughter of dolphins in Taiji. Trapped mammals like whales and dolphins; will be selected for parks and aquariums, while the rest are for hunting. Taiji “caught 1,277 dolphins in 2012 and has license to capture 2,026 this season, which begin in September and runs through August next year.”The opposing argument to the protesters is “People in Taiji argue that dolphin-hunting is part of a 400- year old whaling and culinary tradition. They charged that campaigns against it are cultural imperialism that neglects the parallel between killing dolphins and cattle.”  The public argues that Taiji doesn’t have the right to decide the faith of the captured animal. These mammals migrate across the ocean and though will bypass the Taiji areas should not need to be captured and slaughter.  
 There have been dwindling demands for dolphin meat because of the extreme high levels of mercury. Even with the high protesters from the public; the government still allowed the continuing slaughter of dolphin. The Japanese government ignored public protestors and utterly supporting private business despite the brutal killing of these mammals. Whether dolphins, whales, or turtles they are all vital in the assistance of the ocean life necessities. This past summer hundreds of dolphins from the Atlantic Ocean died to a virus scientist have no idea how to control. With the climate changes and increase in water acidity, already have an enormous impact; which animals will have to adapt to. Continuing slaughters of these mammals will contribute damaging effects to marine life.    

Mailee Vue
October 10, 2013   

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