Thursday, October 10, 2013

Blog 5: Syrian Inspectors Do Work.

             The United Nations had sent a team of 27 inspectors to disarm and destroy all chemical weapons in Syria. The past 10 days those inspectors have been inspecting the plants and holding area of chemical weapons in the government controlled areas, AKA the easy ones. They have hoped that the fighting will stop, when they cross to the rebel side for a "safe passage" for the inspectors. They hope all of the chemical weapons and their plants will be destroyed by mid-2014. However, violence continues as a regime war plane had struck one of Syria's larger towns Safira. This war plane killed at least 16 people. A video was posted of the seconds after the attack showing charred bodies, and parts of bodies everywhere. On a positive note, many countries around Syria's borders are accepting Syrian
people as refugees. Due to the war so far over 100,000 have died.

              The fact of other nations taking in civilians is a positive movement. The fact that people who aren't involved in the war can now take refuge in safe countries is a good sign that innocent lives will not be wasted, or used chemical weapons on by the rebels.The fact of the chemical weapons not being destroyed until mid-2013 seems really slow. Also, the article didn't state whether Syria was complying with this article or not, could be scary. If Syria's rebels do not comply with this, it  only seems like a death sentence for the inspectors, and the illegal making of chemical weapons by people that are not qualified to do so. This could only lead to awful accidents. However, is Syria's rebel do agree maybe the war will end sooner and lives will be saved. As of right now it appears the war is in no near future of ending. Foreign influence to end the war, now seems uninterested.

Brianna Hunt
5:50 pm
09 Oct. 2013

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