Thursday, October 10, 2013

Blog 5: Students in Britian Are Drawn to U.S. Colleges

Students in Britain Are Drawn to U.S. Colleges

It has become more apparent that college students in Britain are more appealed to US colleges. This comes to a surprise due to the fact this was never known before and students use to not want to go to the US for further education. What was once a sleepy event now the American College Fair in Britain is a major event to go to when looking for a college to pursue. It is true however that American Universities are more expensive than those in Britain but that still does not keep students from wanting to spread their horizons and looking at America as a new home for the college years. There is also the stereotype that the students of wealthier parents wanted them to attend American colleges. What appeals most Britain college students is that America offers more liberal arts colleges and powerhouse public universities. As rates for Britain college students increase for American colleges it looks like more people are starting to realize maybe America really is the land of opportunity.

This is a great opportunity and I am happy to see that students from Britain are looking into American colleges and seeing what they have to offer. Many students get intimidated thinking about studying abroad. Seeing this article really struck out to me, this is so because there are American College Fairs all around the world and that's how students get drawn to coming to America. It was interesting to know that since American Colleges are more expensive that it still does not turn away mind from students from Britain. Its wonderful to see students who are so willing to move to another country and even consider a school abroad to be their first choice. With American colleges showing more appeal it is going to be amazing to see how the international students rates go up and its all for one divine purpose, education. 

Emily B. Lewis
7:57 P.M.
October 10th, 2013

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