Thursday, October 10, 2013

Blog #5: The New Climate Normal

                Together as a collective we march on blind to the fact that the world love and know is rapidly changing, the world of our grandparents, the world they neglected and destroyed with rapid progress all for the sake of the market. The world of our grandchildren, our children, and yes, even our world will not be that safe and infinite world. The first area expected to have a complete shift in climate will be the Philippines. Summers that we currently deem to hot will become the new normal. Fifty years from now the coldest summers will be our current hottest summers. This spells out drastic changes not only for the individual, but for the economies of the world, and global politics.
                Countries with comparative advantages in certain resources and commodities will find themselves unable to hold on to that advantage as temperatures change. Resource scarcity will be on the rise and tensions between countries will increase with them. While humans will likely adapt to climate change and its effects one can be safe in saying that tensions around the world will be further exacerbated by harder living conditions on all fronts, not just in the developing world.
                We continue to face down certain disaster with the elementary thought process of continued advancement and growth bringing us out of this disaster paradigm. I worry that this toxic paradigm might innervate itself into our economic and political systems. With “new normals” emerging around the world governments must have the abilities to adapt and survive. Hedging our bets on the all-powerful market demanding change that is environmentally sustainable is a sluggish process and one that is not likely to occur in time to avoid disaster. By 2080, the year estimated that self-sustaining climate change will occur; all the continents of the world will have completely changed climates. By that point, humanity will be forever changed.

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