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Turkish Education in Native Language


Turkish Education in Native Language

This week it was decided that the education in Turkey will be taught in their native language. This will start during the 2014-2015 school year. The changes will only be implemented if there are only enough students that will sign up for the classes.  The national education gave the private schools the opportunity to choose what languages that they will want to study.  It was stated in the article that “Education in foreign language would cover the languages of Kurdish dialects Kurmanji and Zazaki, Bosnian, Arabic and Laz” ( of the lessons would be taught in the mother language during the education time. Many of the lessons that are in Turkish will not be taken out. They plan to incorporate any many languages as they can. All of the private schools will be similar to college’s that teach in a diverse way. Some of the schools are made to still continue to teach in Turkish, because it is already set in place.

 Many feel that a lot of the Turkish lessons are very important to the minorities. They will still continue to sing the Turkish national anthem. Also with the change in the education being in the native language; they have also removed to student oath that was done daily. At first it was a requirement that every child said it. The starting period process of the student oath began in the year of 1933, and the actual date in which it was carried out in the schools was 1930. When the oath came about it really changed the world as a whole. During this day and time a lot of things have change. Things have changes since that time; when then new era came around they have to shift with the new systems. They are also trying to life the ban of headscarf’s; many of the women teachers had to leave the teaching facility because of the band. The government is In the process of lifting the ban so that the teachers came come back

 The community has been trying to incorporate the education to teach in the native language. This really meant a lot for the community. They felt the need to continue in their mother language; because sooner or later it would have been lost if no one continues to speak in the native language. Changing the education to the native language will allow the children to be more diverse in their own schools.  I am glad that they have made the decision to teach in the native language, because tit meant a lot the people of Turley. They wanted to children to grow up and learn the same language that they did to continue on throughout the generations. I know that now since the government has allowed the school system to teach in the native language this makes the community feel appreciated. When someone puts a request out there, you want your request to be heard on each and every way. Not only will the children learn and become more knowledge of the native language; the community will grow very close since they know that they will be heard. I am glad that there native language will be implemented in the schools. They have been fighting for this for many years. It finally came to past. I know that that are many proud parents knowing that there children will be learning an important language that means a lot to them.
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