Friday, October 11, 2013

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Russian lawmakers will meet in February to discuss a bill that could take children away from their homosexual parents. This debate will likely take place with the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. These winter games have already been boycotted. This bill was published on Russia's Duma lower house of parliament, this states that a state can strip parents of custody of their children. The bill also states that this will happen if anyone if found practicing non-traditional sexual relations. These "non-traditional" sexual relations are termed homosexual relations to the Russian government. The Russian gay community has feared this horrendous possibility since President Vladimir Putin signed the gay propaganda law in June. Singers such as Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Stephen Fry have all heavily criticised the law. When explaining the parenting bill, lawmakers said it was in line with the "gay propaganda" law. This note also stated that, "Harm to the child's psyche is great if one of the parents practices sexual contact with the same sex."

Readers could take this article differently according to their own personal views and beliefs. One who is against gay-marriage could believe that the LGBT community should not be allowed to have kids. On the other hand another person against gay-marriage could believe that a child needs a home and as long as the parent loves and provides for them it is ok. One who is for gay-marriage could be disgusted by this law and question why it was even brought up. Why would one need to feel to take away a child from their parents, no matter their sexual orientation. If a child is in need and someone of the LGBT community is willing to raise and love the child, and has the means necessary to provide a healthy lifestyle, then the sex of the parents should not be considered. One could also say that a child is in risk of being raised in a unsafe environment by being raised by homosexual parents. They believwe that the children will not be fully provided for in a way that a heterosexual couple could. There are many different opinions that readers could have after reading an article such as this one. I believe that many no matter their opinion would think that Russia is taking their hate against the LGBT community too far.

Maria Shropshire
10/11/13 10:52

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