Saturday, October 12, 2013

Blog #5 Syria inspections continue as war rages

The violence in Syria continues even as the International inspectors are located at the 20 locations that are connected to the country’s chemical weapons. The UN is hoping to stop the violence between the rebels and the government before the inspectors goes any further. The council met to determine a solution on Thursday.  The French UN Ambassador and his counterpart wrote a letter to the council promoting a joint mission by the UN and the OPCW that could be very dangerous. As the inspectors work in the middle of Syria’s 30 month old civil war, more people have been injured and/or killed. Recently, 28 people have been reported killed in three different attacks as well as the 16 that were killed by a government warplane. Throughout the violence and terror some have been able to escape; Germany has temporarily accepted 106 Syrian refugees out of the 4000 that has been rescued.
The civil war in Syria is becoming similar to a cold war. The level of violence and advancement of the weapons has taken it to another level. The use of chemical weapons could cause more damage than what anyone is prepared for. If there are sites that have chemical weapons, then there soon may be biological weapons in certain locations, as well. The UN is doing their best to be an ‘international police,’ but there is only but so much they are able to handle on their own. If other countries do not step in, it may soon affect more than just the citizens and those who are in the surrounding areas. As I continue to say, this is a war that simply cannot be won.

Gabrielle Hill

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